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Wild Animal Removal

Do you have a critter in the attic? A dangerous wild animal on your property? Or a dead animal that needs removed? Whether for your home, business, or property, Wilson's Wildlife Management is here to quickly and professionally remove any nuisance animal in a safe and humane way. No job too big, no job too small. We have seen it all and are here to help!

We Remove:

• Raccoons

• Bats

• Coyotes

• Opossums

• Birds

• Snakes

• Wild Hogs

• Skunks

• Beavers

• Alligators

• Foxes
• Feral Cats

• Groundhogs
• Armadillos

• Muskrats

• And many more!

If you don't see it on the list then give us a call! There is no job we can't handle!

Mosquito Spraying

Wilson's Wildlife Management not only provides the low country with outstanding pest control of the four legged kind but also the flying, biting and stinging as well. Our application are applied with a misting backpack sprayer which allows us to get the product on the underside of leaves and up to 30 ft high in the trees where insects like to live.


We offer a few different options for spraying your yard to ensure that even the most safety conscious customer is pleased with our application. Please take the time to see which application is right for you and don't hesitate to call for more information or to schedule an appointment.


If you planning on spraying for an event we recommend application at least 24-48 hour to ensure full effectiveness.


All Natural/Organic Option

Have a special event coming up or live near a water source? WWM offers a popular organic alternative to our synthetic barrier spray that works great on pesky mosquitoes.


 This spray contains botanical active ingredients such as rosemary oil, peppermint oil and geraniol (found in many essential oils) which is safer for mammals, birds and fish. Please understand organic sprays break down faster in rain and UV rays and are not as long lasting as the synthetics. We recommend reapplication every 14- 20 days.

Barrier Spray

To effectively control biting insects try our Barrier spray which will rid your yard of mosquitoes, fleas and ticks so you can enjoy a pest free yard year round.


We us a synthetic form of a naturally occurring compound called pyrethrum which is found in the chrysanthemum flower. This allows for a longer lasting, lower toxicity and a safer product for humans and animals alike.


Wilson's Wildlife Management recommends using our barrier spray in heavier infested areas because it resists weather and UV rays much better than organics. This is most popular form of mosquito control because of its effectiveness and recommends reapplying  every  21-30 days.

Business Owners / Acreage

Does your business depend customer being outside? We have the equipment and know how  to tackle large scale applications to make sure your customers are as pleased as you are. Call now and we'll walk you through the best options on tackling your pest problems.

Planning an event outside?

Planning an event outside? Don't let mosquitoes take over. We offer a one time application to effectively control biting insects from ruining event.


If you planning on spraying for an event we recommend application at least 24-48 hour to ensure full effectiveness.


Pest Control

Whether you have a few critters in your attic or a full blown infestation, WWM has the skills and equipment to eliminate your pest problem fast and affordably.  Vermin and insects can carry disease as well as cause considerable damage to your property or personal items. If you feel you have a pest issue on your residential or commercial property, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call us. WWM is here to help!


We Eliminate:

• Mice
• Rats

• Moles

• Squirrels
• Mosquitoes
• Fleas

• Ticks

• Ants

• And many more!

If you don't see it on the list then give us a call! There is no job we cannot handle!

Dead Animal Removal

Wilson's Wildlife Management removes all types of dead animals. Simply give us a call and we will take care of the rest.

Summer Special:

1/2 Off your first mosquito spraying


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